Interior Design and Color Consulting

Q. How do I know if the color selections are right for my home?
A. Selecting the perfect color takes careful consideration of your home's natural lighting and design characteristics - and let's not forget that your personality will also play a part in the color selection. Colors can create different effects and can minimize or add attention. When selecting an interior color palette, think about functionality - is the space a quiet retreat or is it a place to entertain. When painting the exterior, the style of the architecture can play a strong role in color direction as can the personality of the occupants.

Q. How do I go about creating accent walls?
A. Accent walls can already exist in your home, such as a fireplace wall or a wall of windows. You can also enhance a plain wall with just the right paint color. The key to ensuring the perfect accent wall is to balance the accent color with the main color of the room. Also consider adding the same accent color in an adjoining room in the form of drapery or upholstery to further create a balanced interior throughout.

Q. The color on the swatch looks very different once it is painted on a large surface, why?
A. The color on a small paint chip will often appear two shades darker once you actually view it on the entire exterior of a house. This is because color looks different when blown up to a large scale.

Q. Why do I see a significant difference when I view my color choices in morning, afternoon, or dusk?
A. Because color needs light to activate its subtle nuances and your color choice will change dramatically under different lighting conditions. You should always review color choices under various lighting conditions throughout the day and only then should you make a final choice.

Q. How do I choose the right white?
A. There are so many tints of white from which to choose.

White is all about subtleties; there are pure whites that are absent of gray or yellow. Others are warm with yellow, peach, pink, or beige undertones. Lastly there are cool whites with green or a blue/gray undertones. An easy rule of thumb is use warm whites with warm color palettes and cool whites with cool color palettes.

Frequently Asked Questions